Sunday, July 12, 2009

So here I am,

Okay, you got me. I am a self titled and self professed Glamour Boy. A title that me and many of my friends have carried for 20 years.

I lived my life for many years as if I were a supermodel. I grew my hair LONG and invested in some amazing Steam Rollers. Hot rollers? Never! I could do a 4 roller full body set, but for special occasions; 13 rollers and voila!

My boys were beautiful men, muscled, toned and groomed, and no one even smoked. We were all such wonderful friends and making our way in the World . But on the weekends, I led them all on a very wild ride that lasted many years. Costumes, props and travel. Fun and mayhem. Drama? Not really. I was very careful with my influence. I knew I had a lot of power over the boys but I always used my power for good and not for evil. But those who crossed me were crossed off and tossed out. Many tried to break in (usually for the sole purpose of sleeping with one of my boys) and believe me it wasn't easy, even if the boys were. You were always on probation with me. My way or highway honey.

I was usually one step ahead of our press and had a knack for knowing what would work and what wouldn't work. It's amazing how much attention and fun you can have when you get 8-12 muscle boys to dress alike and carry you over the crowds in a cross formation.

Let the fun begin...


  1. finally the life and times of you glamour boy... ill always be a fan and avid follower.. it is me the cruisebabe D... we miss you working too.

  2. I'm so glad you're blogging! Remember me? My partner Darren and I spent Pride day in NYC with you and Joe a few years ago. We had a great day. Can't wait to read more.